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Spotted this on craigslist.


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Makes me curious what they intended to print from the 2600. Were they counting on a computer add-on to hit the market?

What would the games have to do with it? Maybe the printer was expected to remain persistently attached and they were checking compatibility?


With no particular evidence of hardware development, the content of the listing looks like an organized pirate's collection from back in the day.


"My mother worked for the company that had the contract to develop a printer with the game system. The printer didn't fly for the mass market and the company went bust. These are the original game chips used to develop the printer system in 1981. There are two chip controllers for 16 and 32 bit games. You just put the chips in the controllers, insert and you are playing. For authenticity, I have a printout of the Atari games on file dated 03-19-1982. This whole system was put in box in 1982 and now it can be yours."

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Would these actually qualify as "prototype" chips? I would describe them more as "samples". Chips of completed games loaned/given to this company so they can develop another product. To me those aren't prototypes.

Somebody's homemade pirate collection. Atari would not be loaning out loose chips for a company to develop a printer. If it was for a compatibility check of some sort, they'd be using loaners or the commercial carts (not exactly a big shortage of the titles mentioned)...because that is the type end users would own. This story makes no sense from any angle.

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