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interesting effect


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The attract mode does throw up some pretty colours.


With some cool music running - can something be done with PMGs?

Maybe blocks/squares of colour - appearing here and there - randomly? (or in time with the music maybe - representing the voices?) flashing on and then off -- or appear to be random...

Can't think of what suitable sprite designs/animation? could be up and running?



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A few other ideas:


Maybe use artifacting on some characters ... play off of the purples and greens.


Also introduce a PAL scanline mode (like Popmilo's mode 15, 16 color mode) but instead, alternate PF2 between blue and brown each scanline (depending on the host system's artifact colors of course) ... if you had magenta green for the artifacts, you would want blue-brown. If blue-brown are the artifacts, then go for red-cyan.


In my ICE Super 0 experiments, I found that these settings, combined with artifact blending, will get you all 16 of the IBM CGA colors ... 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 cyan, 2 yellow, 2 magenta, the background, white, and 2 greys. You will of course, want the brightest colors to be below the darker colors, so you might have an artifact pixel on the blue line, and a bright double-bit pixel below it to get the PAL blending. Of course, you could also reverse this and have the bright pixel on the blue line instead and have it play off of the artifact pixel on the gold line.

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One simple trick someone can try out with it is - inverse the dark colour to the light one, and vice versa - maybe do a fade? If that is possible.

There could be an advantage in transferring it across to a graphics mode with more colour registers - if you can think of ways to play some tricks with them. Tricks is the word - to do things people would not think of, was possible.


And if you can add some music running too - that would be ace.



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Generally speaking, animations are used quite often in demos - although not always where you'd expect, my mega DYCP in Greetz0rz is technically an anim for example and there are a few demos where an animation is filling screen real estate because the primary effect needs all of the available time - but the interesting part for demo coders is usually the technical aspect, either finding ways to cram more animation into a finite space or trying to fake it so everything looks to be done on the fly.


i can think of a couple of ways to do the rotating crosses on a 48K machine - one very dirty solution and another with a bit more finesse - but it doesn't interest me enough personally to actually write the code...

Jason!!!! Don't spread secrets! ;)

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Crosses (Mad Pascal 1.3.0)

uses crt;
charset = $b800;
data = $5400;
size = 25600;
f: file;
s, p, k, m: ^byte;
x: word;
 assign(f, 'D:CHDEF.BIN'); reset(f, 1);
 blockread(f, p, 680);
 assign(f, 'D:DATA.BIN'); reset(f, 1);
 blockread(f, p, size);
 Poke(756, hi(charset));
 k:=pointer(dpeek(88) + 10*40);
 m:=pointer(dpeek(88) + 20*40);
move(s, p, 400);
move(s, k, 400);
move(s, m, 160);
inc(x, 400);
until x = size;
 until keypressed;
 Poke(756, $e0);


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