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Leisure Suit Toby for ColecoVision


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I've long been a fan of Leisure Suit "Toby" haha... is this really happening? Will he really be working his magic on my ColecoVision?


Me too!

I've been a fan of Al Lowe since then

That's also why I make this game as a ''tribute'' to him


Yes, its really happening!

I've been working on this back in 2010 and took a break from it

Now I feel like I can get back to this project and finish it

We are going to use the WaferCart for this game so we can break the 32K limit AND be able to save game progress

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Is the Leisure Suit Larry name off limits or will you be able to use the name?


Either way this will be a very unique and special addition to the ColecoVision catalogue. I can't wait to see the final product!

Yeah, pretty much


Although, a NES port has been made and apparently no ones cares much (I mean the IP owner)

I think as long as it remain a homebrew, the IP owner seem to be ok with this

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