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FS Atari 7800 console CIB with 15 games - Sold

The Evener

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I haven't been an active user here, but I hope it's okay if I offer up some Atari items to the Atari Age community rather than eBay -- although I may be asked to post there instead anyway since my price is a bit pushy. I also appreciate that many of you will already have the console, so maybe this isn't the best venue, but here goes…


Over the years, I've collected a number of different classic consoles, most without the boxes and extras. However, by the early 1990s, I got my act together just in time when I purchased an Atari 7800 Pro System.


Up for sale is the console -- CIB with the original inserts (styrofoam, cardboard, instructions, warranty card, etc), including the pack-in game, Pole Position II. Box serial number and the console serial number match.


The box condition is mostly on the "good" side in terms of physical integrity, and "fair" in overall appearance. It's basically the same as the day I picked it up. There is scuffing on the front, back and sides in places, and some cardboard fraying along the edges and at the point where the box opens. As well, the glue they used for the flaps has dried up so they are loose.


The box comes with all of the original items -- console, two joysticks, TV switchbox, RF cable, AC adapter, pack in game. The condition of the physical items is very good. For example, on both the joysticks and the console, I forgot to remove the plastic overlay from the metal accents, so that is there to remove if you wish.


In addition to Pole Position II, I'm including 14 games, for a total of 15.


Nine of the games come with box and instructions, and the plastic cellophane (you might want to fully remove it). These are:


Hat Trick

Touchdown Football

Realsports Baseball


Dig Dug



Food Fight



Three of the boxes are virtually perfect. The others show some flexing/bulging where heavier items were placed on top. Touchdown Football has a half-moon sized chunk of cardboard missing from the back along the top (about two inches). None of the boxes were ever completely flattened.


Games without boxes/instructions are




Robotron 2084


One on One Basketball


Asking $165 US plus shipping.


Thanks for looking!














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...and marks the very first time I've ever seen somebody pack a 7800 properly! Usually missing the inserts and when you go to buy, people just throw everything in the box willy nilly. I bought a 7800 once where the dope placed the power supply on_the_console with its leads up and not only did it (naturally) mark up the unit, but punctured the box in several places as well. :mad:

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