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Ending 2/4: PS1, Angel Tales Anime, Atari 5200 & more


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A big thanks to everyone who's bought/expressed interest so far- I went through far more stuff far faster than expected!


The remaining items will likely only remain available until Thursday the 4th- after that, games will go to a local shop and Angel Tales will hit either Ebay or Amazon. (I haven't decided on the 5200... I may keep it if I can make the space!) 2/2 edit- I have eliminated the single-game pricing, as I only just realized I won't be able to collect smaller shipping boxes from work before the cutoff. I will still split lots for local pickup, however! The same pointers are in effect:

-Shipping is not included in prices.
-Please allow me up to 3 days to ship- it's not always easy for me to get to the post office.
-If you're able to get to Federal Way, Washington, I will gladly arrange in-person pickup.
-Additonal pictures will be taken upon request.

PS1 games:

CyberTiger, complete
Miss Spider's Tea Party, complete
JetMoto, complete (Greatest Hits)
The Game of Life, complete
NHL Faceoff '99, complete


Atari games:

Jr. Pac Man for 2600, cart only
Football for 2600, cart only
Pole Position for 7800, cart only (damaged label)
Combat for 2600
Space Invaders for 2600
Super Challenge Football for 2600


Angel Tales Box set
With mini-plush, watched once. $50


Atari 5200 system
I got this from a local thrift store specifically to offer here, so it's marked at cost. No hookups or controllers, untested. The metal accent has a few stratches and dings, but otherwise it's in good shape. The back cover/hinges are intact. $11


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