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8-bit Deflektor


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This one is quite similar, and the fact the seller mentions the original game they found (or perhaps that is a lie, and they just downloaded a ROM file off the Internet to make a replica to sell) did lack both label and case, suggests yours is a replica too.




I found Deflector along with many others unreleased games in desks at Atari after one of their famous layoffs. We are producing this un-released game for others to enjoy. We are selling this as a un-released cartridge but believe it is complete. The original had no label or case so we have made a label and added a new original Atari Grey XE Case. This game is identical to the original un-released game I found at Atari. IT IS NOT THE ACTUAL GAME CARTRIDGE I FOUND AT ATARI but a reproduction of it using original Atari parts!!! No manual or box.



I suppose you might try to open it up and see if the EPROM has a label like this one. It probably is easy to replicate as well:



Some more discussion from 11 years ago:


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