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I Like Bacon


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It had been a long time since I had programmed anything. I see the last I programmed anything was December 5. So I decided to program something. But what? I thought of an old game I had made for the Atari 2600 called I Like Bacon about a guy going around getting bacon randomly placed. I figured this would be good to do. So here is what I have so far: A temporary guy sprite going up and down on an elevator. Right now he's on the right elevator but I programmed it so he can go on the left one if you place him there. There are no controls yet. Just this.




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I changed it so the elevator only moves up and down if you are on it. (This means you can move the guy now.) But now you can't fall down into the hole any more since the elevator will be there. I also changed the elevator from sprites to characters so now I have 3 sprites left. I'm thinking about making bacon strips a pink equals sign, but I'm not sure what to do yet.


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Well, first off, I used four characters of 2 quads rather than three characters. I think that helped a lot. If you download the code in this zip file, you can see the code in action beginning on line 1,128. I also did a minor update too. Someone posted a good pig picture so I put it in. As for where the code came from, it was on a now-gone webpage, so I am lucky enough to have spotted it before the page died.



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Yeah, it looks like you're using binary coded decimal (BCD). The routine to update the highscore seems to be the same one you posted a year ago. I still think if you reverse the two checks, so you compare most significant BCD first, you will save one test case.


Can't you use the JC instruction to branch in the case R0 (current score) > A (highscore)?



  mov r1,#highscore_h
  mov a,@r1 ; get highscore high byte
  cpl a ; make highscore negative
  mov r0,#score_h
  add a,@r0 ; subtract highscore from score
  jc replace_highscore ; if score > highscore
  jnz no_highscore ; if score < highscore
  mov r1,#highscore_l ; check lower byte in case the high byte was equal
  mov a,@r1 ; get highscore low byte
  cpl a ; make highscore negative
  mov r0,#score_l
  add a,@r0 ; subtract highscore from score
  jnc no_highscore ; if score <= highscore
  [.. as before ..]
  jmp start
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Instead of a timer in the game, could you make it so that there is a pig on each floor.... a pig on floor 2, floor 3, and floor 4? Are you out of sprites?


It would sort of be similar to the fireballs in the second level of the Atari 2600 version of DONKEY KONG...




Just an idea,


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