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Massive Video Game Compilations

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I recently posted an article on my website about the video game compilations with the most number of games. As you'd expect, most of them feature classic titles from Atari, Activision, Midway and Infocom, but as someone who hasn't played an anthology in a while (I think the last one was probably the Capcom Classics series on the PlayStation Portable,) I was surprised to see that some of them feature dozens upon dozens of games. I leave the link here in case anyone would like to check out and please, any ideas, comments, corrections or feedback in general is more than welcome.

Top 10: Massive Video Game Compilations



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One of my favorite things about the Playstation 2 is the plethora of compilation games! I have Atari Anthology, Midway 1, 2, 3, Namco Museum Anniversary Edition, Activision Anthology, Taito Legends 1 and 2, Capcom Classics Volume 1 and 2, Intellivision Lives, GenesisbCollection, Sonic Collection Plus, Sonic Gems, SNK Arcade Classics, Mega Man Anniversary and X edition, and even the Pinball Hall of Fame. The cost of PS2 games these days are on the cheap and getting these compilation games will have you play the system for hours on end.

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The bigger ones always seem to let something fall through the cracks quality-wise.

The smaller the pack the better when it comes to emulation, IMO.

A set of eyes on each game for longer being the theory, I suppose.


That said, I really liked the GBA version of activision anthology.

IIRC the full-fledged console versions just licensed popular 80's music (kinda boring), but the GBA version seems to have original tunes. (or else tunes that REALLY flew under the radar)


'Overtaken' is nearly worth the full price of admission on its own.

It's burrowing itself into my mind...


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