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For trade: JHL 15, Bonk's Revenge TG16 (complete), comic book HCs+TPBs


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I have a complete US copy of Bonk's Revenge for Turbografx-16 I'd like to trade.


It has the case, manual, HuCard, and dust sleeve. There is a small crack in the front of the jewel case and it is scuffed and worn, but not terrible condition. Consider it gamer's condition. PENDING TRADE FOR TurboExpress REPAIR


Also have a complete copy of Jaguar Hockey League 2015, the recent homebrew.


I also have some comic hardcovers and TPBs

The Flash - Rebirth hardcover (Geoff Johns)

The Flash - The Dastardly hardcover Death of the Rogues (Geoff Johns)

Mega Man TPBs volumes 1-7


Also have tons of Laserdiscs for trade if anyone cares about those still.


All the books are in fair to very good condition. No torn pages that I can see, no creases. Covers look nice, some TPBs may have minor shelf wear.


Willing to take pictures of any or all upon request.


As for what I'm looking for:

-Fighting games for PS3, 360, Saturn, Vita, Dreamcast, Neo Geo

-Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)

-Kirby's Return to Dreamland (Wii)

-Sci fi box sets on DVD or Blu Ray (Bablyon 5, Farscape, Deep Space Nine seasons 3 or later)

-The last four episodes of season 2 of Deep Space Nine on Laserdisc

-Someone to do a cap replacement on my TurboExpress (I already have the caps, just very chicken)

-Someone to do the common Virtual Boy fix

-Game Gear or Lynx LED mods/screen replacements (willing to trade plus cash on this one)

-Hombrew games for Jaguar, Lynx, SNES, Genesis, 2600, 5200, 7800, Colecovision, Intellivision, etc.

-Uncommon Jaguar titles


I have almost every significant handheld or home console released between the 2600 and Wii U, so if you have anything interesting feel free to make offers.


Willing to entertain cash offers as well but prefer trades

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