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Questions about Gamestop and cleaning games


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I was curious if anyone knew how Gamestop's vintage software initiative has been doing. I've purchased many games for Nintendo Entertainment system, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Genesis, but it seems as if the selection isn't expanding. Is the experiment a failure, or do you think it will continue on?


Also, does anyone know if the games are cleaned and sanitized before being resold? I'm not sure that they are. I therefore will ask: is it okay to spray Lysol on them? That's what I've been doing to give myself confidence that there are no germs on them. So far the games seem okay, although they don't play right away after I spray the connectors; I guess they have to dry first. Just wanted to know if there was a problem with doing this.

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I always clean my cart based games even after I purchase them. Maybe it's that I am OCD at times, but it never hurts to clean the connectors anyways. I always use 91% alcohol or sometimes Windex with a qtip to clean them. The higher the alcohol content the lesser the water volume as water will damage the connector pins. I never heard of anybody using lysol for cleaning the pins. I don't think it's reccommended in the long run.

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I clean mine before inserting to keep my connector clean inside the console. Pretty low effort and often there's some dirtiness that comes off. I've used both cardboard rubbing on the pins and alcohol but never lysol.


Regarding their business model, it's pretty redundant as most anyone already has ebay etc habits. But I always figured they'd never trouble themselves with the mountains of sports games and other ultra commons as I'd guess warehousing at the very least introduces overhead your average ebayer might not experience when he tosses them into a cardboard box to dump for 20 bucks along with Sonic 2. Their static inventory might be somewhat planned.

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