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Intellivision Starter Set 68 Different Games


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68 DIFFERENT INTELLIVISION Games - Offers anyone for the lot. Don't want to piece it out one or two at a time I'm lazy. Thought I'd give folks here a shot first.


Carnival (Cart only) and Donkey Kong CIB, Turbo (Box -No Instructions), Lady Bug (CIB)

Parker Brothers:

Frogger (CIB). One Mystery Parker Brothers Cart.


Sewer Sam CIB


Pitfall and Happy Trails


Ice Trek, Beauty and the Beast, Microsurgeon, Swords and Serpents, Atlantis, Safecracker, Dracula, Demon Attack, Tropical Trouble, Dragonfire.

Mattel -INTV- Intellivision:

Burgertime -CIB, Lock N Chase, Space Armada, Frog Bog, Sharp Shot, Space Hawk, Star Strike (NIB), Utopia, Motocross, Shark Shark, Sub Hunt (NIB), Boxing, Skiing, Major League Baseball, Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball, Tower of Doom, World Championship Baseball, Super Pro Football, Super Pro Decathlon, Mission X, Chess, Royal Dealer, Dungeons & Dragons, Tron Deadly Discs, Tron - Maze-a-tron(CIB), Night Stalker, Loco-Motion, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Mission X, Vectron, Kool-Aid Man (CIB), B-17 Bomber (CIB), Poker and Black Jack, Astrosmash, Golf, Space Armada, Sea Battle, SNAFU, Tennis. Championship Tennis, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Armor Battle, NBA Basketball, Buzz Bomer (CIB), Pinball and Championship Tennis.

So you would be over 1/2 the way to the 125!

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