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FS lot of 67 manga volumes, $2 each or $120 for the lot.


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I have a large lot of manga, decided to part with most of my collection. All different titles and genres. All volumes are in varying degrees of condition, items with the letters "MOD" next to them have moderate damage including but not limited to heavy creasing of front and or back covers as well as dog earing. Others are general to light worn condition. Items with "sticker" have a borders or other price sticker on them. Shipping is USA only, no international shipping.
Pics are here:


Looking to get $2 each plus shipping or $120 OBO plus shipping for the whole lot. Paypal only.

Chrono Crusade vol 7

Marchen Awakens Romance vol 15 mod

Midori Days vol 3

Marmalade Boy vol 5

Tsubasa vols 3,5,6,9,10

Full Metal Panic vol 1 mod

Vampire Knight vol 1,2,3

Negima vol 4, 14(mod), 20(mod)

DNAngel vol 1(mod),2(mod),3(mod),7,11,13(sticker)

Full Metal Alchemist vol 4,5 both have stickers

Claymore vol 2

Loveless vol 1,2,4(sticker),5,7

XXX Holic vol 4,5

D.Gray Man vol 2(sticker),6(sticker),9(mod),11(mod),12(mod),13(sticker),19(mod/sticker),20(mod)

Dears vol 2,3(mod)

Bleach vol 1,6(mod),8,11,12(mod),14,16,18,19,20,22

Chobits vol 4(mod),8

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword vol 2,5(sticker),6(sticker)

Kill Me Kiss Me vol 1

SGT Frog vol 1

School Rumble vol 5(mod)

Black Sun Silver Moon vol 4 (sticker)

They Came From Planet Manga 2005 mod

Alice in the Country of Hearts vol 1

Beauty Pop Vol 1

Beauty is the Beast vol 1

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