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OPCODE GAMES announces: IntelliXpander - Castlevania & Goonies! RESERVE NOW


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Almost 30 already. That is awesome. :D

Thank you so much for trusting the project. I will keep working hard to not disappoint. :)

Well this is almost like a new console release. And I think that you proved already that you can deliver a product, unlike so many other projects around.

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Rev please send out the newsletter to really get the interest up. :)


As well as to let us know what games YOU are working on.......thanks, Wolfy


I am trying to avoid arcade ports at the moment. So I have a couple of games I love from the MSX that I am porting. MSX1 is basically a ColecoVision, with the exact same limitations (no hardware scroll, 15 fixed colors, 4 monochrome sprites per scanline). But since the IntelliXpander is a step above that, so I am upgrading everything with hardware scroll, multicolored sprites, custom color palettes. So far so good, they are running like a charm, all very smooth. However I am still waiting for Illya's upgraded graphics before presenting them here.


In addition to those, I would like to work on a couple of remakes of classic favorites. Mattel and Activision are top in my list, and I narrowed down the list to 4 candidates: Astrosmash, Shark Shark, Keystone Kapers and Enduro. Grazi picked Astrosmash and Keystone from that list, so that are the ones I am starting now.

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