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HoldSquare Video Game Podcast - From Atari to PlayStation 4

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Hey Everyone,


I've partnered with www.HoldSquare.com, a global PlayStation community, to provide a weekly video podcast covering everything from Atari to PlayStation 4, plus some general pop culture topics. We have some laughs while informing (and hopefully entertaining) the modern and retro gaming community.


Each episode is hosted by outlawcurtis, a hardcore PS4 gamer who grew up playing the Atari 2600 and NES, and myself, Brett Weiss, a longtime gaming author, collector, and industry advocate. Sometimes the lovely Jordan, a child of the 80s and 90s, will sit in and make sure we behave.


In our latest episode, we cover such topics as Darth Vader, Dark Souls 3, Doom, Dig Dug, the Intellivision, The Rolling Stones, Uncharted 4, and Hot Pockets. And, as usual, a bring out a rarity from my collection at the end of the episode in our weekly "show and tell segment." This time, I show off an Atari item that you may have never seen before (at least in this condition). (Sorry I had a senior moment with the RF switch, calling it a UHF switch--yikes!)


If you enjoy the video (click on the link below to watch), please like and subscribe, and help us get the word out on social media. Thanks!


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