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Anyone recognize this Jaguar image?


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Hey, Jag experts.

This console is not my area of focus, but in finishing up the Art of Atari book, I found this great image. I *think* it's from an ad or brochure of some sort, but would love to be able to accurately nail it down. Does anyone recognize where this image came from? It looks like this kid (who frighteningly sort of looks like me at that age) is playing Cybermorph.

Any help is totally appreciated! Thanks!


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Yeah the kid isn't really looking at the screen, and furthermore, his reaction is not entirely appropriate for someone playing Cybermorph :-D The jaguar is at kind of an odd tilt too, like he has the back resting on something, maybe the console itself was added in with 90s image editing software. Gotta love those physical copies of encyclopedias... and the snowboard tucked away behind the TV, what an extreme time it was back then.

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I've slacked off a lot in recent years but during my entire time collecting Jaguar things and the countless magazines and other paper-related materials I've collected since the Jaguar's release, I've never once seen this image before. It would be really interesting to find the source and what part of promotion it was included with or in, if it was in fact created by Atari. At first I thought those were PS3/PS4 games on the top shelf haha... then depth perception kicks in when you realize the enormous Jaguar box next to them.


That Gizmo sticker on the toolbox tho! ;-)

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I don't ever remembering seeing that picture before either. So much product failure in that pic, with the Falcon hat, the Lynx on the shelf and of course the Jaguar...lol.


Hahaha... I hadn't even noticed the different colored Atari logo on the hat, thanks for pointing that out! I'm sure all homework was done up on the Falcon as well. ;-) Truth be told, the environment would have made for a very happy kid here =D but I did get 2 out of the 3 so I can't complain! (Jaguar and Lynx)

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