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Jumpman: practice any level

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Kevin from the ANTIC Podcast and I have been hacking Jumpman. Here's a thread containing some of Kevin's new levels!


I have been working more on the coding side, and I've learned enough to add a new feature where you can select any level to practice.




There's now a new item in the main menu. Choosing the "practice a level" option will give you a new menu to select any level. This new menu operates a little differently because using Option to step through one at a time would be too slow. Instead, you use the joystick to highlight a level number and press Fire to start that level. Once you get done playing the level, it short-circuits the end-of-game score and high score table and sends you back to the Practice a Level screen. Use the Select key to return to the main menu.





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Rob (and Kevin)...LOVE IT.......I never ever did the puzzles 100% properly but it was a chore returning to them time and time again, we really needed save states back then (although they were possible on the Computerhouse Board for the Atari, shame they (computer house) ripped off the two creators)


Thank you...

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I'd like to give it a try. Nice idea. On my iPad at the moment so will have to wait until I'm at the PC to grab it. Jumpman is one of my all time favorite games and was one of the major factors in my decision to get a disk drive (along with Bruce Lee and the desire to play Infocom games) for my Atari 800xl in the early 80's. I also have never been able to complete the game, though I still play it often on my 800. I'll be looking forward to playing around with this, thanks.

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