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Super Retro Trio, PC Sega Games & More Coming


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As the title reads I have a fz-1 in great condition, with a nice disc drive. Comes with the hard to find wireless docs controllers with receiver. One pad was rarely ever used. The other is in good shape but could use a bit of cleaning. Comes with boxed copy of Need for Speed. Pictures below.




Super Retro Trio (red & black)- See Description:

Genesis and SNES portions work great. NES I can't seem to get a picture that isn't garbled. I've heard it could be something to do with oil in the NES slot, and a lot of black gunk is in that slot, so that could be it. But I'm not skilled enough to fix it, so sold as is. Barely used, one controller still sealed. Comes with 2 pads and power supply (you'll need male to male rca or s-video cables though, not included)






Here are a ton of boxed and non-boxed PC games, mostly from Lucas Arts, Psygnosis, and Sega. Pictures should show off everything pretty clearly, but if you can't tell what a game is (like Wipeout, which has odd cd art on it) let me know. I know this all adds up individually, but I'm trying to make this reasonable. There's some real rarities in there, like Death Track Racing and the Star Wars boxed games.


$99 Obo. Seriously they need to go!








N64 Smoke Controller with GC style rubberized joystick. Great shape. This is the latest revision of the joystick which hasn't been released yet as far as I know. It's rubber on top, goes in a perfect circle, and has more resistance than the previous versions and feels more like a regular N64 joystick.






Madcatz Street Fighter VS Tekken custom joystick. This model joystick is the most highly sought after. It's been stripped of its original joystick, buttons and art. Laser cut plexiglass has been added along with custom high resolution artwork. A Korean joystick by Crown has been installed along with sanwa buttons.




PC Engine Duo R - Modded


This is a special PC Engine Duo R. This has been modded with an S-Video out board that was a limited production. It's also been modded to be region free with a button on the back. This works for both CD and Hu-Card titles. Controller is a bit yellowed, but works great. Console in really nice condition. Comes with S-Video and power cable. Games in shot sold separately.



Sapphire for PC Engine. Please note this is the 4 Data reprint, but works great. No art or manual.



PC Engine game lot:


Super Star Soldier, Bomberman, Galaga 88, Street Fighter II, and a memory type card (something Bank) for playing CD games for saving data.





SG 1000 (or Mark III) Princess Ninja game





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They're actually really nice. The layout looks odd, but the way your thumb archs as it goes left to right, goes across the buttons perfectly. And by comparison, makes the stock pad feel a bit uncomfortable. The "used" one could use a cleaning as the dpad feels like it's rubbing against a bit of dust, but the other one feels like freakin new. If I had a reason to keep the system, I'd keep the pads. They're that nice!

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Are the poser supply and connection wires included?


Yes, but...


On the 3DO, the power supply is built into the system It's just a cord that comes out of the system that doesn't detach in any way.


Comes with RCA male to RCA male cords (as the 3DO doesn't have a proprietary AV plug, just 3 RCA out ports).

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