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Check out my thrift store find. Intellivision Keyboard still sealed

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Yup, well my unlimited is pretty sparse, I don't remember if I have dupes of the power 9 in my UL set. Actually most of them are sleeved and in various decks, much like video games, there is no point in owning it if you dont play with it. Here was the last time I dragged some out for this killer Bazaar of Baghdad deck. It was essentially a guaranteed 3rd turn win.



Speaking of Force of Will. I still cannot believe how much they go for these days. I mean when I filled in my pre dark sets everything was rather pricey (ie the price wasnt trivial). But I remember being able to pick up of Will for about fifty cents, as they were only uncommons. Although it appears in the last year or so they have gone down (they used to be $100), prob reprinting.

Yup, being reprinted in the highly hyped Eternal Masters (AKA modern masters 3 but better).


Great that you actually use them. I hate to see so many of the best cards in the game behind a glass case. I've always dreamed of having a Bazaar deck, but the Bazaars are $500 each, forget the rest of the 60 card deck and original duel lands...

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Those scans seem to have come from my site.


You can find the scans of the manuals and games at:




Under MANUALS, you will see:


- Keyboard Component Basic

- Keyboard Component Console

- Keyboard Component Software


Under IMAGES, you will see:


- Keyboard Component

- Keyboard Component Game Boxes

With any of those, was there an extra page? I see what I think is a Warranty card in my manual.

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I have so many duel lands it's ridiculous, like you don't even wanna know. They were in revised so they were pretty trivial to pick up back in the day.


I remember when dual lands were considered bad rares - "Hey a land card in my rare spot! Ripped off!" Now, we know better... decks just ran better with them, there were no downsides to using them over basic lands... I cannot believe how much these have increased in value recently, especially tropical island and underground sea. They are now on the infamous reserve list, never to be reprinted...


- J

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