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FS: Atari 5200 Astro Grover 24/50 and Klax CIB- Sold!


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These are doubles from my collection. Astro Grover is a kids game that was released in 2012 after prototype was found. PM if interested. Thanks!


Astro Grover- $60

Klax- $55


attachicon.gif2016-06-03 09.17.06.png

attachicon.gif2016-06-03 09.17.45.png

attachicon.gif2016-06-03 09.18.35.png

attachicon.gif2016-06-03 09.19.16.png


Wow, thanks for the reminder, I forgot all about making Astro Grover. :dunce:

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Yes, and it's a nice port, too. While I prefer the 7800's graphics, this is voice-enhanced and has much better SFX than the 7800, so it's a draw between the two for me on Atari consoles (I've heard the 2600 version is great, but have never played it). Neither will ever outrank the Lynx version, but it's a great game on any system.

I'm really surprised that no one's scooped this one up yet, as the price is more than reasonable and the last run (AFAIK) didn't have a box. I'd grab it, but I still have a boxed copy for the 5200.

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