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Incognito board for sale:


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I am officially putting my spare Incognito board up for sale.


Rather than putting it on eBay and letting people fight over it, I am selling it here for the same $150 USD (plus shipping) that I paid for it. I just want it to go to someone who will use and enjoy it. If you are interested, here's how it will go:


Post a PUBLIC reply to this message expressing your interest. I will keep this open for two weeks; the cutoff date will be 06/25 at midnight in my time zone (Pacific). I will then post a list of all interested parties with a number assigned to each individual on 06/26. I will determine the buyer randomly with dice on 06/27, so this will be a sort of lottery. I will contact the winning buyer via private message after the winning result is posted publicly.


Offers sent via private message will not be accepted, as I want this to stay public; no secrets.


Payment will be via PayPal only.


You may begin stating your interest now.


Thanks to all.

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Yes, I'll try to get a picture up soon. I don't have a modern computer at home and don't know how to do it from my iPad.

Just exit the mobile theme, then you get access to the uploader. From there you can upload pictures you have in your iPad library.

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OK... pics! Here are both of my Incognito boards. Why? Because I have decided to part with both of them. The dice will now choose two people.






The one on the left has an extra bag of goodies with it... wires and things for installing it. The one on the right is exactly how I received it from Candle (you can see his name on the envelope if you zoom). Both boards and new and have never been installed, but I am selling them "as is", just because I don't really know much about them.


Same deal... $150 U$D plus shipping via PayPal only. I will contact both buyers via private message on 06/27 - after I have posted the results here. If no payment has been received within 1 week (by 07/04), I will let the dice choose someone else.


Everyone cool with that? Just trying to be fair and reasonable.


Best of luck to all!

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OK, here is the list of all who have officially declared interest:

1 - tep392
2 - davidcalgary29
3 - eebuckeye
4 - Defender II
5 - rgrocha
6 - JoSch
7 - danwinslow
8 - Tigerduck
9 - manopac
10 - Frankie
11 - Bikerbob

I will roll two 12-sided dice tomorrow (re-rolling any 12's) and post the results. I will then contact the indiviiduals via PM.

Thanks to all who have expressed interest and best of luck.

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OK... I have results! The numbers I rolled were 11 & 6, so congratulations to Bikerbob and JoSch! I will contact you both via private message shortly.


I'm sorry to all who didn't get picked and I wish I had enough boards for everyone. :( Don't give up hope! I fell into these boards by asking around, so you never know what might happen.


Thanks to all for your interest!

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