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WTB: Inexpensive Wii


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Hey ya'll.


I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive Wii, the gen that supports Gamecube games. It doesn't have to have any games, just as long as it has the cables and a couple controllers would be sweet. Any additional peripherals like the classic controllers would also be fantastic. My local classifieds prices are way out to lunch on these consoles, so I thought I'd check here to see if anyone has one they are looking to sell.


I'm in Canada, so preference would be given to my Canuck brethren due to the crummy exchange rate to US dollars and expensive shipping.




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I have seen Wii in Pawn Shops for $25 or so, and some Thrifts stores too, did you check where you live?


I live rural, so the only thrift store near me has nothing like that. Even if they do get a donation of some kind of major electronics or gaming stuff, they don't put it out on the shelf they sell it on eBay instead. As for pawn shops, the closest pawn shop is over an hour away from me and I know for a fact they sell just the Wii, no cords or controllers, for $75. That to me seems quite steep.

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