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the foot pedal project


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Interesting and very creative. That must've been a lot of trial and error for that setup!


However, Pole Position is programmed for analog control which is why you can use the Trak-Ball as a controller [or a paddle-modded 5200 joystick]. Dan Kramer had intended to piggyback off the native Trak-Ball control code and use it with a Steering Wheel Controller. Unfortunately, Warner forced Atari to discontinue the 5200 before Dan was able to finish up even the prototype of that controller.


It would be interesting to see if a Playstation-era analog steering wheel controller [along with foot pedals and shifter] could be used, if one had a PS One adapter to the 5200. I suppose a PC Gameport based steering wheel controller would be easier to procure; the adapters are certainly more plentiful than PS One adapters.


If one had the Sega Genesis-to-5200 Redemption adapter, one could go the digital route with Sega Genesis-era steering wheel controllers.

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That is the link to the tototek adapter. Anyhow I ran into more issues. Everything works like in the video. But the tototek adapter has issues. Works normal when plugged into the masterplay adapter. Except my ps1 interact ultracer wheel does not work.




Looks just like that except I had no box. I just got a loose one. It works. I reprogrammed the buttons to go up,down,left,right. But the wheel part does not steer left and right. But if I use my db9 splitter box with the duct tape all over it and the gender changers it does not work. It works as it did before without the splitter. But anything I plug on either oposite side does not work. My space age works. It moves left and right. But trigger button give gas and move the car in pole position. I thought the trigger was broken or my masterpaly clone was shit. But it works without splitter. So I got curious. It worked in the video so how come now all of a sudden. As soon as I unplugged the tototek playstation adapter it worked like in the video. The space age goes left and right and gives gas. No broken trigger. But as soon as I plug in the tototek playatation adapter it cuts off signal and no gas on my space age. Same as in the video with my nintendo adapters. No gas on the gyromite adapter and controller.


So the tototek adapter is cutting off signal. I can use 2 tototek adapters and 2 ps controllers. Or one ps controller and one tototek with reverse ps to db9 if that works. But I have to buy another tototek and that is already getting more complicated than I originally expected. Already too many wires and shit. So as the video that is enough for now. 1 atari 2600 db9 and one nintendo, Or 2 db9s. Or 2 nintendo controllers if I can find a good price for another camerica 2600 cable. I already have 2 receivers and 2 freedom connect.

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I enjoyed the video- liked how you rigged up something that's kinda like the High Score Splitter cable that I have to get this to work. You are right- the High Score is not cheap these days! You saved a bunch of money :) (and I'm stl astounded you got that Space Age joystick for $15 shipped!)


... though the 4K tv was not exactly cheap, was it?! I think I'll try getting one in a couple years when the price is within my budget.


That was cool using the part from Rob the Robot as a gas pedal- pretty innovative.


I saw a Madcatz PC gameport steering wheel recently at a thrift store which looks exactly like my Playstation 1 Madcatz wheel. I suppose I could use bohoki's adapter and that PC wheel to play Pole Position with true analog control- but I'm unsure if it's fully compatible when it comes to the pedals... don't really want to buy the wheel and pedals for $20 if I don't know that for sure. Sometimes they lower prices on items that don't sell at that thrift store, so I may possibly consider getting it to try out sometime in the future when the price is cut in half.

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Nice find... i think I'll grab one just in case my High Score splitter ever craps out.


Also- I went back to the thrift store with the PC gameport steering wheel to see if it was still there, and they had it discounted down from $20 to $5. It's now mine and I'll be trying it with bohoki's adapter this evening to see how Pole Position (and maybe even Dreadnaught Factor) works with it. Hoping for a good time!

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Okay the verdict is in. Some good news and bad news:


Bad: The pedals on the PC Madcatz steering wheel won't work for gas in Pole Position. I have to press button 1 for gas on the face of the steering wheel. The button at the back of the steering wheel also works for gas as does the button in the very center of the wheel. Holding the gear shifter in the up position also presses the gas and I kinda like it that way, though the back of the wheel button is also kinda nice. Button B on the face of the wheel takes you from low gear to hi gear, while C does the opposite. Sometimes C can take you from low gear to high gear instead of B, and it seems to be able to do that on occasion but not always. Interestingly, the right pedal has one function and that is to switch from hi to low gear- but only if I let go of the gas button. Kinda strange.


Good: At least the analog wheel works quite well for playing the game . The throw is pretty big which makes you move your arms a lot. If you'd rather have a wheel device that has a shorter throw, you may want to invest in a PC gameport controller called the Vortex 3D which I've also enjoyed using with 5200 Pole Position.


I have one more good thing to share. I tried the wheel with Dreadnaught Factor and River Raid and was excited to find that the analog pedals really add to the game controls. When you start the game the ship is going forward at medium speed and you can slow it down by pressing in on the left pedal. Applying differing pressures to that pedal offers great analog control to make sure you aren't going too slow or too fast as you fly your ship over enemy territory. Letting go of the pedal gets the ship back to medium speed. Pressing the right pedal speeds the ship up (more fun to do in River Raid than in Dreadnaught Factor). The wheel offers nice analog control in both games and button 1 is used for firing the gun. (2 releases bombs in DF.) This wheel definitely ups the fun factor of both games.


I tried it on Star Wars the Arcade game, but the cursor is lower than it should be (not centered) and using pedals to control vertical movement is a bit too difficult. I tried the d-pad but it did nothing. Zaxxon is challenging with it because the wheel's center deadzone is a bit too large... and the control is definitely not analog in that game.


Though it may not work well with Star Wars Arcade and Zaxxon, I think games like Galaxian, Space Invaders, Beamrider, Super Breakout, and Buck Rogers will be pretty great with it. Others to consider trying are flight games like Star Raiders, Space Shuttle, the Last Starfighter, and Rescue on Fractalus.


Hope this info is helpful to people interested in trying out PC steering wheels on the 5200.


One more thing- I have a mid-90s PS1 foot pedals product from Innovation which you can use with a PS1 controller. If you plug that into an Atari 2600/Genesis to 5200 Masterplay Interface Clone adapter via a Tototek Playstation to Genesis adapter the pedals can be used on 5200 Pole Position (not analog, just digital). Hmm, I might have to give that a try...

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I actually own that wheel, but I've never plugged it into adapters to see how it works on the 5200. I believe when it plugs into a Tototek adapter along with Masterplay it may give digital left and right wheel input. No idea if one of the pedals will work as gas...

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