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The CSS Products


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The Impossible! thread got me thinking about all the great products that came from Bob Puff and CSS. So I thought it would be cool to post info and pics of the various items that Bob produced. I have several of them, and quite a bit of info. And not to be remiss, Mathy has a very nice web site with great info about the Black Box, and the NLE/CSS website has files, docs, etc..


If you have info or can post pictures or other info here, well that's what this thread is for. In the coming weeks/months, I'll be posting what I can round up.


I'll start with pictures of the Black Box firmware menu system. I'm only going to post one of the pics (Main Menu), and the others will be in a ZIP attached.




Black Box Pics.zip

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Here are some more pics and a pdf of a catalog:


The XF551 Enhancer was in a typical potted module, and the only difference that can be seen is the very small toggle switch on the rear of the drive.


The Dual Drive Upgrade had the potted module and the slave drive attached with a ribbon cable and power leads. The slave drive was always 1 unit higher than the master drive. Worked very, very well.










CSS 94-95 Catalog.pdf

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Always. AIM if you'll remember the magazine, ran an article describing how to take apart

two SIO cables one foot from the jack and mend them together again with solder such that

your output of possible SIO devices jumped dramatically provided you used your head

and daisy chained as much as possible. I've never lacked for a SIO port since I built

my first. The two short ends go into the drive stack, one long one to the computer and

the other long one to the printer. You have at least two starting points for daisy

chains, don't waste them.

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