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Fat Axl


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I've posted this in the Marketplace but maybe some don't know about it yet. It's a Fast Food remake called Fat Axl for the Atari 7800. It's based on memes of Axl Rose from Guns 'N' Roses well-known for his bad behavior. Now since he's the lead singer of AC/DC, there have been images posted of him being fat and he's even threatened Google to take those images off.


The game is rather simple as you are Fat Axl and you eat hamburgers, tacos and beer while avoiding Slash and poodles. Don't ask me why he hates poodles, he just does. (Google "Axl Rose hates poodles.") Time after time, you'll see "You're Getting Fatter" messages. You have three lives and if you collide with Slash or Poodles, you'll lose a life. Lose all lives and the game is over.


I've programmed this game with 7800Basic. It's nothing fancy- just a silly game to play until Axl Rose threatens me with a cease and desist order.


Retrogamer81081 was kind enough to upload a review of the game:







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