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Japanese realistic games room

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Hi guys, I'm pretty new here but not to the gaming community in general. I've always been a gamer since the age of 8 (now I'm 40) but as a kid it wasn't possible to have a Mega collection. Now I live in Japan and have done for 18 years. Again, I have a problem. Not money but space.

Here a video that a made a month or so ago. Things are now a little different as the Wondermega has a home and the PC Engine is connected to a CD Rom Interface.


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Nice set up! What's the brand of that cool auto-switch you have there?


If I was living in Japan, I'd have to have someone follow me around and make sure I didn't over-spend. Sooo much amazing stuff there.

The switch box is made by a member of the Assemblergames forum. He goes by the name of superg. He makes JPN21 versions like I have and standard RGB start versions which are mostly used in Europe. Price is not too cheap but then again for quality like this they are well worth the cash. We are talking anal levels of quality electronics with this device.

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