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Floppy Disk Emulator?

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Hey guys, anyone know how this works? Anyone used one?





I was wondering if it was possible to install one of these in an older computer. I'm assuming it uses the USB device as the floppy device... but does it only encode in 1.44, or can you use like, the whole 128mb flash drive (or whatever the size is)? I know they had 2.88mb drives... maybe it can at least go to that size?






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Well it ain't Dutch, sounds more like German.

But anyway, here is a video from Phil's Computerlab that pretty much covers it all.

U need to format the drive into partitions of 1.44 mb. Some models kan also emulate a 720kb drive, but not all. I use ome of suchs drives in my MSX2 computer, and after thinkering with the settings i have it running and it works really great.

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