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So im selling my Odyssey 2 with 14 games, non original rf cord and it's outer box. It does work, forgot to take a pic of that, all the games work, the tv I tried it on now had some interference but I remember it playing alot better on my older one about 8 years ago. The system itself has a long scratch on the top of the unit that affects the silver finish. Most of the games have boxes but they have some damage/tape and a few of the carts have old sticker residue on em but the high gloss should make easy cleaning. Some games have manuals some dont. I was thinking around $75 OBO shipped. Honestly just shoot me a number and well work something out.





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You can probably get a similar lot for much less on ebay. I sold a working system about month ago and only asked $20 for it. Don't know how much you have invested into it but $100 is probably going to be too much unless someone on here is really desperate for one.

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Personally I would just include shipping in the price. It will probably sit somewhere between $20 and $30 if shipped via UPS ground or USPS Parcel Select. I'd consider buying it but that system box kills the deal for me (not in as good of condition as I'd personally want). Good luck with the sale regardless.

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Awww man, I love K.C Munchkin and Pick Axe Pete ... and I think your asking price is pretty reasonable (especially including shipping). Sorry it's not moving as fast as you'd like. If I weren't in the middle of a big eBay purge right now, I'd probably snap it up, even though I DO NOT NEED all that 1978 hardware around my neck!

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