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Dreamcast Disc Tray "Close" lever


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Last night I got a "Defective" Dreamcast for free "If you can fix it."

Looking around inside, I noticed that the "Lid Closed" lever looked weird, and couldn't figure out how the lid actually is supposed to trigger such a weird switch.


I decided to look at a picture online of the Dreamcast Mobo and found that the switch isn't weird, it's missing the lever part and is just an empty rectangular shell with contacts at the bottom.



Does anyone know of anywhere I could find a new switch or even a solution? I was thinking I could just make the switch 'always on' with a little bit of solder or something

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I have never owned a Dreamcast and cannot be certain without a picture but it sounds like it is probably a standard microswitch, most large electronic component retailers such as Newark should carry them. If you look closely at the switch you may be able to a manufactures name or a model number to ensure you get the correct replacement.

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you could also just solder the contact closed then it would think the lid is closed all the time. This would work for any game that is not multi disk.. i cant think of any that are off the top of my head.


The only problem is you would have to have the unit powered off in order to change disks.

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