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The Compact Computer 40 (CC40)

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Maybe a forum for all non-4A hardware/software? This would include the 99/2, 99/8, and the Geneve. I mean, this sounds like a lot, but we don't have that many contributions for these topics. Or we say that the 99* consoles and the Geneve belong here, and the new forum is really just for the small-size systems.

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So, two new subs:



TI 99/2, 99/8, Geneve, and others




I recommend then we refrain from deciding to split again because in the general sub for the CC40 there are two new messages about software development, etc. Until these subs become well-used we stick with them as-is.

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The Geneve and 4A have more in common than any of the other machines in terms of cross-compatibility and program usage. Given the minimal Geneve topic activity, a pinned thread for the Geneve might be more appropriate. As for the other machines, I don't have strong feelings either way as I would rarely venture into those threads or subforums, but it seems to me that if more subforums are desired, than one sub for all the other TI derivatives would be more than plenty. Honestly, I find the proliferation of new yet similar forum posts more cumbersome than an occasional CC40 thread in a TI-99/4a forum.

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Hi Group,


I for one would like things to stay as they are.

I go all the way back to 1979, 99/4 , then upgraded

To the 4/A , then in 1984-5 got my TI-99/8 . I have

Purchased all most every version or proto type

Produced by Texas Instruments, except the 99/2


It a bunch of fun, and I agree with JON, don't break

Up the CC-40 Forum. It easy to find and read as it is.


Thanks in advance, just my 2 cents of Happy Time

Lee TI998owner

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Made one of these today, and was able to use my PC-324 printer on my CC-40.


To use CC-40 peripherals on the 74, you just need to buy some 1x10 cables off of Ebay.


I wonder if the 74 and the 40 have the capability of addressing each other over Hexbus?





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Hi Jon,

Just read your question about the Ti-74 and the CC-40 being able to

Address each other over the Hexbus. There is the Master /Slave

Option on the Hexbus. The trouble is so far no one has been able

To make the partial Prototype program, Texas Instruments published

In there listing for the Hexbus , related to the TI-99/8 .


Over the past 5 weeks I have been reading over a lot of the Mag,s and newsletters

Published on the CC-40. Looking for information I might of missed

On just this subject. I did find this info about a working Prototype

Software package that Texas Instruments , produced for the PHP-1300

Hexbus adapter for the 99/4a computer.


Listed in ENTHUSIAST 99, Sept 1983 issue

Bill Gronos ( Senior Technical Editor ) wrote....


The Hexbus Adapter along with TI included some Prototype Software

that allows the CC-40 to use the 99/4a disk drive and also to Display

Data on the monitor screen. This software must be loaded on the

99/4a computer and the 99/4a and the CC40 are plugged into

The Hexbus adapter.


Our best bet , would be we could find this Holy Grail Missing

Prototype Hexbus Software, it would probably be a very good starting

Point , to make all Hexbus computers talk to each other.


LOOKING FOR 99/4a HEXBUS prototype Software package from that Issue

Back in 1983


Anyone can Help, please e-mail me

Thanks I. Advance

TI998owner Lee

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You know, we're breeding unicorns here. Again and again.

It has taken me a bit of effort to understand 'breeding unicorns'...


But yes, it seems this forum has the best of luck with that. Although the odds are in our favor. We are only breeding 1980s model unicorns with the advantage of time's new tools. Maybe breeding 30 year old unicorns is less difficult than hunting for 30 year old unicorns.



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This is the second time I read about "nooks" and "crannies", after I recently found this:


Everyone, read about it
Everyone, scream about it
Everyone (everyone, yeah)
Everyone (everyone) read about it, read about it
Read it in the books, in the crannies and the nooks, there are books to read

(Know the song? Year is 1989)


Needless to say, I never understood it right when hearing it. It's not in the typical vocabulary you learn at school.

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Nooks and crannies are the tiny, hidden spaces of the world left over after all of the normal stuff we see around us has filled in the larger spaces. For a good visual example, just drop a bunch of things into a nice pile. You will see a number of little open spaces between the items. Those spaces are the nooks and crannies. Sometimes they are even large enough to be useful. . .like the spaces between the rocks on a cliff face you are climbing.

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