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Free, you pay shipping - TI 99/4A Printer from former TI employee


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PEB and Modulator are sold. The printer is still available for the cost of shipping!



These have been sitting in my house waiting for me to decide what to do with them and to check them all out. This weekend I finally decided I didn't need the second PEB and got around to testing everything. I purchased everything here except the console itself from a former TI employee. All of the boxes that are included (if the buyer wishes) appear to have come from the TI company store and are not retail boxes. Here is whats included:


KEEPING FOR NOW - 1 TI 99/4a Console. The console is my spare since I'm keeping the one I got as part of this lot. But I will include it in the console box that came with this lot.




SOLD - 2 Peripheral expansion box with Flex Cable Interface, RS232 Card and Disk controller. Note that it does NOT have a 32K memory card. I was surprised to find that there wasn't one in it when I went to test it. I did however test it with my 32K card to make sure programs that required it worked with one in there. Also included but I forgot to take a picture of is the original employee store box that the PEB came in. It is similar in style to the printer box but has blue plastic bag type material between the styrofoam and the PEB.




PENDING SALE - 3. TI-900 Video modulator - This looks like it had never been used when I took it out to test. It had clearly been removed from the box before but the paper over the adhesive strips has not been removed and there were no signs of use that I could see. It didn't however work very well and gave a very fuzzy picture on channel 3 or 4. I only tested it briefly before switching to my composite video cable for the rest of my testing. I'm sure it can be easily fixed and if the buyer would like me to, I will gladly open it up and clean the switches and pots and check for defective caps to see if that fixes the problem. I will also give the buyer the option of my used RF modulator in place of this one. I'm offering it as part of this package more for its collectability since a composite cable yields a WAY better picture (or an F18A mod even better) and NOS modulators don't come along every day.






Shipping info: Box is 29"x23"x14" and weighs 32#


If the buyer is willing to pay the shipping cost (or local pickup) I will also include a HUGE Texas Instruments Omni 800 Model 840 printer. It even comes with TI work product! I have not tested the printer at all so I make no claims on its work ability.



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Oh, I'm sorry, I thought it was in my profile. I'm near Houston, Tx. It looks like Tuf is buying either just the PEB or the whole lot (minus the printer I think) depending in shipping cost. I'll update the thread with whats still for sale as soon as that is settled.

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