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Atari Lynx IIs for Sale - Fully Refurbished


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I'm going through my Lynx II stash getting units working and bundled up. If you don't know what I do, check my signature, I've worked on a lot of Lynx IIs. I currently have two bundles for sale. Both Lynxes have been gone through, fully cleaned. Each one has new power supply components, the important stuff that will keep them from frying in the long run. They also have all new high quality capacitors. Futhermore, I've upgraded the speaker on each to a poly cone 8 ohm speaker that is louder. They both work and look great. I put the best original LCD's I had in my stash in them. 90 day warranty on all my work.


Bundle 1 - In box with matching serial number on unit and box. Box is a bit rough, missing the original insert. I made a foam insert. Includes manual, and a fair condition travel pouch. Also includes a copy of Electrocop. - This one is $120 USD + shipping.

See all photos of unit here: https://goo.gl/photos/H19gkpJDF7SbSpSw8


Bundle 2 - Lynx II with carrying case and 4 games. Carrying case is in OK condition, faded and some ripping on back and on the clear game holding section. Comes with Klax, Shanghai, Crystal Mines II, and Block Out. Lens has a few minor scratches, I buffed most things out. LCD is bright, and has one bad pixel (amazing actually, most have clusters of bad or a dark center band). This bundle is $130 US + shipping.

See all photos of unit here:




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