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Castlevania Super Game


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So I don't think I've ever even played this game before in any of its forms, and honestly don't think I've had more than a slight interest in its current development- I just thought it wasn't my type of game.


Then you post that video and I'm just blown away.


Man, I wish you had more time to program games all these years because what you do (even without an SGM/2/Omni etc) just doesn't look like it belongs on a ColecoVision.


Too damn cool man, looking forward to more.

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Damn, this is visually comparable if not ahead of the original NES port!  Kinda wish you'd ported this to Master System.  Full honesty, I wasn't a SGM backer, probably won't be for SGM2/OMNI, but I just want to give a tip of the hat to this simply for what you've done in developing this game.

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That you. Really appreciate all the kind words. It may not look like much from the video, but code is about 2/3 done. Missing are enemy AI for stages 3 to 6 and a few things here and there. And of course I have to format all the graphic data for later stages, which is sort of time consuming. So from here on I hope To complete at least a new stage every month.

Sound is a different matter. I am planning to use the X68000 version as the source. It may take me a couple of months to create that, but on the other hand that should give us a nice sound driver for other games as well.

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On 10/31/2019 at 8:13 AM, opcode said:

Happy Halloween!!!


A few remarks:

1) video was captured directly from a digital TV. Video from SGM2 was output in S-video format and upscaled by my Onkyo receiver. I did that because I needed the largest possible TV to be able to capture live footage. Unfortunately digital TVs introduce some artifacts, has a hard time with proper de-interlacing, remove scanlines, etc. Additionally, the glitch you see at around 58s was introduced by the video encoder, and wasn’t part of the original recording.
2) what you see was running on an unmodded ColecoVision with SGM2 rev 1 board, which means the ColecoVision CPU is doing all the processing (and the game runs at a solid 60fps)
3) while the soundtrack was added for dramatic effect, it represents the intended quality of the final audio
4) the video was captured in a single playing session and cut to make it shorter.



I which I could hear sound and music from this game.

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I know nothing of all this SMG SMG2/Omni talk.  But am over the moon about seeing this game Great Job! It was a favorite of mine and probably any child of the 80's who had a ColecoVision. When it's ready put me on the list of buyers & what might help selling it is packaging it up so it can be played on what ever system you choose. I'd spend big bucks for whatever system I need and just this game.  Thanks for all of your efforts, now I just have to find all of my unopen boxes of my GPK Series 1....

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