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Atari Lynx not loading cartridges


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Hello everyone

I've had my Atari Lynx for a while, and now it is not working. I was in the middle of playing Xybots when I decided to turn the backlight off, then back on. Now it simply won't load cartridges. I have a theory it is the batteries, but I have no way to test that. Also the Lynx I have is a Lynx II. Please help and thank you.

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Might want to also try inserting the cart all the way, and then gently pulling it out a tiny tiny bit. I had a few carts that loaded up more reliably when I did this as opposed to keeping them inserted 100% as far in as they could go.

Also, I assume this might not simply be an issue with the brightness wheel turned all the way up or down so the screen looks blank when looked at head on ;)

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