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Games That Used Two Disk Drives?


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I think AR: City might have as well. I actually do recall playing at least one of them with 4 drives in emulation.


I don't think there's many. In fact besides adventure games there are very few games that actively access the drive in dynamic fashion while gameplay is going on. Even the AR games stop the action though the music continues thanks to the custom SIO routines.

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One game that can benefit from 4 disk drives is Hawkquest.

There is a modified version of this at www,hawkquest.tripod.com

I know it worked via emulation -when I tested it a long time ago, and I can only guess it could be rewritten back to floppy? maybe for those who have 4 disk drives?

It plays much better without having to flip/swap disks.


It does remain a PAL only game. While the Hawkquest graphics have been re-used in AtariBLAST! - you should note that they have been tweaked/upgraded and updated to 2016 and look pretty amazing now?



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