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Arcade/MAME HSC 9.4: Black Tiger


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Black Tiger
MAME ROMset: BlkTiger
Dip Switches: Service Mode: Off; Lives: 3; Difficulty: 5 [Normal]; Allow Continue: No; Freeze: Off


Week ends 10.3.16 @ noon EDT



609,900 S.BAZ
102,550 kane
32,400 hero2billions
10,400 roadrunner

7,750 Lauren Tyler

6,950 jblenkle


Season Standings

28 kane

26 Lauren Tyler

21 hero2billions

15 retrogamer81081

11 DonPedro

10 patbb
9 DaveD

8 roadrunner

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302,800 379,650



forgot what to do with this boss! Giant purple insect-warrior. I think I remember this being the hardest boss in this game, even though there are a couple more dragons yet to fight.




got past the dragon at the end of this sky stage (L6) today, but ended up with only 378k.


[p.s.] - hit the purple insect-boss in the head!

Edited by S.BAZ
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