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Master System Smurfs Travel The World Reproduction


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Hey, I just wanted to post this new game I made. I put a shit ton of work in custom making the label... I don't know why but I pixel by pixel made the smurfs holding hand image into a true vector. I'm sure there are other methods but I am limited to Gimp and paint and had to cut the entire image out from the background it was in.


It was how I wanted to make this label so I did it lol. I had a very specific design in mind and to achieve it, it had to be done.


If anyone is interested in my other games my etsy shop is linked in my profile. I do nes, snes, genesis as well.


This game has a language selection to choose between:


It is in NTSC format.


I can only make like 2 right now. I can make more but would have to buy donors. $45 shipped









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