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Vectrex Clear Cartridge Case Production Campaign


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Is there any interest in these still? I could have them made easily.



How easily?

What kind of process. 3D Print? Injection molding? Something else?


Last time I checked, there was only one mold out there, owned by one person, and this is the only way to get new cases made, hence this thread.


You don't want 3D printed cases, trust me, technology isn't quite there yet at least not at the consumer level.

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How easily?

What kind of process. 3D Print? Injection molding? Something else?

I could have them out on the market in about 2-3 months time via injection molding. I can have a mold made and the initial run made in about that time. May take longer if the mold needs revisions however this typically doesn't need to happen for such simple molds. If you would be willing to try out the sample and provide me feedback about any changes needed it would be appreciated. Also my price point could be lower than $5.00 a shell.

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I think it's been a year since all of us wanted this. I don't know why it feel through. I had 5 on my list shipped to 38135.


It was still going on FB.....I think it moved there and these forums were forgotten. As of a few months ago they had over 1000 and were going to start taking orders and payments....but then the guy said he wouldn't be around for a while.

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