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New Homebrew Games, Exclusives and Other Interesting Products at PRGE 2016?

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Hey everyone, I'm curious to see what kind of cool exclusives might be for sale at PRGE 2016. If you follow the official website you know they're going to have a great selection of t-shirts. But what about homebrew games and other exclusives? Have any of you heard anything from other websites, exhibitors or vendors? What about AtariAge? Will we have anything new at the show?


Please feel free to shamelessly plug your own products too. I'm sure you'll be helping out a lot of folks, including myself, who want to plan our purchases before the show. Thanks in advance!


Edit 1: Intellivision Revolution has announced they will have FOUR new products at the show.


Ultimate Pong
IntyBasic Showcase V1
Gosub (co-published with 2600connection)
And a mystery title

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