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Does anyone have a Battlezone hack for the hidden game


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Does anyone have a rom hack for Battlezone 2000 to enable the hidden game on startup. If not does any one know what hex address to change so I can do this manually. I've found the .lss file posted earlier but that seems to be an emulator save state. I have a flashcart coming soon and it would be nice to access it without using the code.

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Thanks, I was hoping there would be a trigger or switch in the code to access the hidden game, like hacking Pitfall II to play the second level on the 8-bit Ataris.


Lets say, the hack to enable third character in AvP and level select was most likely trickier. Not to mention Lemmings and Chips Challenge hacks, where the code is packed (not encrypted, just packed with strange packers).


Buts its sure nothing which is done in a few minutes.

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Small question about ComLynx mode: can you shoot your human opponent in the "hidden" game? I have been trying to kill the "other" tank for a while now. But it seems to be able to take a lot of damage.


post-2099-0-56116600-1478879789_thumb.jpg post-2099-0-67694100-1478879870_thumb.jpg



In ComLynx mode both screens are controlled from either console in config screens. Even the music is in sync :)

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