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Laura: brand new game!


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If anyone wants to sell their copy please PM me. I hope I can get on the list for the English version. Who should I contact?



Defender II, I just thought about something: you may vote for the best Atari game of 2015 in this thread (Kaz Kompo 2015) - no big deal. We have some prizes for voters and one of them is Laura cartridge. If you get lucky, you may be drawn...

I'm still looking to buy this cartridge game. Please contact me if anyone has one to sell.


Also, +Adam+ who was drawn as the winner?

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Well, I'll certainly buy it if another run is made. Anymore news about this?



Has an English version been released yet? I see a Youtube video showing the game with English text but no info about a release.



Yes, a second run of carts is planned:




They are still working on the english version...

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I wrote at atarionline forum, that Larek should also inform the readers of Atari Age, that there is a new edition of Laura carts. He said he will do this soon. And since he does not speak english, he used Google translate:


"Information about the release of the game will appear in due course also AtariAge. Please be patient."


So I guess, pre-ordering of the new Edition-II Laura carts will also be available soon...

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Laura, an awesome new game has been released at Silly Venture 2K16 in Poland:



An English version will be available in the future.

I will definitely buy it.

Thank you Arkadiusz and Polish Atari friends!




Are there any keystrokes or special joystick movements or is it all up/down/left/right only?

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