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FS: Raspberry Pi 3 preconfigured with RetroPie, 64GB microSDXC, SOLD!


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I made a few of these for my family a awhile back and this is my last one. It consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 with added heatsinks, SmartiPi case, 2.5A power adapter, HDMI cable, HDMI to VGA adapter and power supply for it as well (if you would like to use a VGA monitor), 64GB Transcend microSDXC card with RetroPie 4.1.1 preconfigured and ready to go (with KODI as well), and two buffalo SNES style USB controllers. Selling it for about my cost (although it all probably ran me a little more) : $100 plus $8 shipping (in the USA). PM if you want it!



BTW: I have it pre-set right now for 1024x768 85Hz resolution (because I was using it with a vintage VGA CRT for the "classic" effect. If you would like me to change the setting to the default 1920x1080 60Hz HDMI prior to shipping please let me know, or let me know if you know how to do this yourself. It is just a simple config.txt change.


SOLD!!! Thanks for looking!



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Interesting case you have on it


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Why yes. It is the sturdiest case I have ever used :) The lego brick comes off to gain access to the board, and it has areas for ribbon cables to fit through as well (GPIO, Camera, etc). And you can stick lego guys on top of you want!

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