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16 Squares by Wave 1 Games


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I just got an idea for a simple free Jaguar game that I am challenging myself to complete within the next 24 hours! The game will be called 16 Squares. I am going to use the slideshow QuakE thing that was provided in another thread to create a game that requires you to identify 16 zoomed in views. There will be stills in between each one explaining the different challenges. The challenges will be:


Jaguar box art Challenge

7800 box art challenge

Sprite rip challenge

Screenshot challenge

Unreleased Jaguar games challenge

Arcade cabinet artwork challenge


I also want to use one of the Tempest 2000 unused tracks as background music while you are trying to figure out each puzzle.

Below is an example that I made which inspired me to do this when I remembered the slideshow thingy for the Jag.

It is called 16 Squares of Gaming. This one is logo based and not graphics based.

See if you can identify all 16 logos. (hint 2 are Jaguar related) Who can guess all 16? :)

This one may or may not be included as one of the challenges, I really want this to be Atari themed so maybe not, but I could do one with Atari game logos in this fashion.

One more thing there will NOT be a slide in the binary revealing the answers!

Also below I have attached the games logo!


If nothing else, this will make some good use of that source that was created!

Now let's see if I can do this in 24 hours :)



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Well thanksgiving and black friday got in the way of this one. I will probably nock it out tomorrow as today I am spending the entire afternoon waiting outside target for a 4K tv for $249 because reasons. This has got to be the craziest thing I have ever done. Hope its worth it! AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING ATARI AGE!!!

(And for those not living in the U.S. and don't celebrate this day you have a blessed day as well!)

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Should we start a counter?

No disappearing act here, i have just been busy with home life (and Sturmwind by Doranik on my Dreamcast I picked up for $30 on my 4K tv I picked up for $249)

Also a lot going on at home with family visiting for Thanksgiving, I will have a good bit of time to work on my projects this week though as I am taking some due vacation days from work. I will keep you updated on this as well as Neon Centipedez



(This one SHOULD be relatively easy, its just a matter of doing it)

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Man, I bet that looks like ass.

No it looks pretty good. Sturmwind is a really nice game, and the 4K tv is pretty sweet too, although the image is blown up to that resolution it still looks rather sharp and the motion enhancement really shows in these types of games. Defender 2000 on the Jaguar looks best on it though,thats the one game that I really noticed a big difference. Everything on screen seems to move much more fluidly with those enhancements.

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Yes the first 16 were fairly easy to identify, this second batch is much trickier. I think I can only safely say that the second tile on the second row from the top with the plant I believe is part of a screen capture from King's Quest V? And I city picture to the right of that is either from Martian Memorandum, or Beneath a Steel Sky? Are all of these from PC games?

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Let's see how well we know our beloved Jaguar games box art! This is challenge 1 the Jaguar Box Art Challenge. See if you can identify all 16 games. Knock yourselves out.

attachicon.gifChallenge 1 Jaguar Box Art.PNG

Ok: Atari Karts,Battlemorph,Bubsy,Cannon Fodder.

Cybermorph,Evolution: Dino Dudes,Flashback,Pinball Fantasies.

Space Ace,Attack of the Mutant Penguins,Ruiner Pinball,Supercross 3D.

I-War,Syndicate,Flip Out, and World Tour Racing.

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