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I'm not happy, you save, AV and stereo modded Sears Video Arcade (2600)


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I have sold a bunch of system's bought off ebay dead, which end up being dirty contacts. Clean everything, give the case a bath toss in some stuff to get someone started, its all good


But not this machine! What I have is a sears tele-games video arcade (2600) bought off ebay and stone dead. I got it working by cleaning all the switches, cart slot, replacing voltage regulator ... the usual stuff but there's some things with this machine I am not happy with, so while normally I would charge 85$ shipped for a six switcher with mods, 2 super common games and a controller, I am letting this one go for 60$ shipped to the continental USA


What I dont like about it

  • right hand controller port has broken plastic, though it works fine
  • av ports and power led holes are out of whack cause I dropped my durn drill from 6 foot up onto concrete and now it wobbles
  • the silver label has become unstuck and bowed up under the cart port, and I go messing with it, im going to make things worse
  • most importantly there is video artifacts aside from the normal jailbars in a av mod of this sort, see screenshot of pole position where it shows up the worst on my 720p bench tv

what you get with it

  • composite modded 2600
  • stereo mod with stereo / mono option via toggle switch on back
  • av cable
  • generic power supply
  • oem controller (with a few cat or small dog chew marks) but brand new dome switch contacts, so it plays like a hot damn
  • forgot to add, main reason it was dead was a bad RIOT chip, replaced with a new old stock bought from jameco

60$ shipped, Continental USA, and paypal only please, basically covers cost's and saves a otherwise decent machine from the dump, which is where it was headed before I got wind












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How is this still available? If you are lurking in these forums wondering about what it would be like to play Atari - buy this. You will find games and controllers easily from other members. This is the best deal you will get on a modded system. The things Os is complaining about don't really matter, you will love this.

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