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PS1 homebrew playing

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So I finally got a GameShark for the PS1, hoping it will help me play homebrew games. I also got this cord a long time ago, a USB-to-serial I/O port. Should this be everything I need, or do I need something else? I also need some GameShark directions since it didn't come with any. There's this square thing with holes and pins and I don't know what it's for or where to plug it into.

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It sounds like you have an early model Game Shark; this device plugged into the expansion port on the rear of the early PlayStation consoles. The expansion port was later dropped, and the Game Shark became a CD-only version. It will only work with the early models.


I too have both pieces of hardware, but my Game Shark (or similar device; I do not recall the exact name) came without instructions as I bought it second-hand. I was never able to use most of its features. If memory serves, it needed a parallel port connection (rather than a serial port connection) to connect to a PC to load homebrew games, etc.


Alas, all of this hardware is packed away in a box in the depths of my storage room, so I am not able to be more helpful.


Good luck finding anything useful online; this stuff is both obscure and long-obsolete.

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