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Is Intellivision Lives! Nintendo DS version any good?

Guest LiqMat

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How's using the touchpad for games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or basketball?


My understanding is that it doesn't do 16 directions. Not an issue for some games and you have to be okay using your left hand. Interestingly, they got around the 16-direction problem in Vectron by mapping disc directions to the keypad.


Sounds like there is an Intellivoice issue where the words embedded in the Intellivoice itself are missing.


Someone should port jzintv to the updated DS with analog control/16 direction support.

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I don't own it anymore, But i have a couple youtube videos showing off some issues with it.


Thank you! I will avoid. Seems these collections are always rushed to market with not a ton of testing. Unfortunate. Luckily I still have my Intellivision Rocks! CD which is by far my favorite Intellivision collection. I was just looking for something a bit more portable with decent controls.

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