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O2 RGB mod


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Here are two photos.  Notice where the DIN-8 is placed on the O2 (top photo).  This provide tons of room inside the O2 console and externally it does not interfere with the O2's voice module.


Additionally using DIN-8 allows one to use the same RGB cable for Videopac G7400 RGB enabled console (bottom photo).  It's best to use Euro SCART wiring as this allows the Videopac G7400 to use PAL to NTSC capable RGB to HDMI devices that have Euro SCART connector.



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I use the 8-pin connectors since I have cables to convert to SCART OR plug directly into the input for an xRGB-mini.


Those 8-pin mini DINs are sort'a the standard for RGB modding consoles.  But you can really use whatever you like.

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Thought this picture would help those who use the DIN-8 connector on the O2. I now make sure the ribbon cable colors match the colors below.  SD-80LS (DIN-8 connector) needs 18mm hole.  I use step drill bit that has 18mm as one of the steps.  45/64 would work as well, but 18mm seems easier to find.  Its best to mount SD-80LS with notch facing up.  This is how the stock Videopac+ is. OSSC, XRGB, PVM/BVM don't need Status RGB, but some devices might.  If you do need it simply wire the signal to the DIN-8 as the signal is present on the RGB mod board.





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