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For Sale or for Trade: Itanium Servers, Alpha Servers...


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1) HP Workstation ZX6000 Itanium 2x 1.3GHz 8GB 2X 73G 15k -- This one for sure was working last time I worked with it. I have debian installed but haven't tested it a while. It should be working and I will test it before shipping if purchased.

2) HP INTEGRITY RX1620 1U SERVER Dual 1.3GHz 4GB ver 2.18 -- This one did turned on but I needed a special cable to connect to console, since it doesn't have a video card, as far as I remember.

3) Sun Blade 100 Ultra SPARC IIe computer workstation -- No idea if it works.

4) A Dec Alpha Server it was working. I tried to add more HD but I wasn't able to do so. Of course, the OpenVMS license expired because it is the hobby license but you can still get it (it must be renew every year). For the OpenVMS I may have media. (for the alpha -- I don't have media for OpenVMS running on Itanium). Note that I did open this so it may be a bit loose..


Theservers are fine except that some of them may have a few scratches and so forth.


Best offer must be sent (I may decline if too low) via PM no later than January 3rd, 23:59pm EST


If you are outbid, I will let you know.


Everything sold as is.


See images attached.


Item 4:


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