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What games would you like to see hacked to work on the Atari Portable?

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Journey Escape - the Starfield background is glitchy. Shouldn't be too hard to just remove it altogether & simply have an all black background. Might interfere with the game timing though, have to add a bunch of NOPs to replace the part of the code that draws the stars or the rest of the kernel might go into a tizzy.

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My list


Game Title = Problem


Congo Bongo = Cutoff Screen

Gigolo/Cathouse Blues = Can't move Character?

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party = Can't move Paddle

Thwocker = Doesn't Work

Pitfall II = Doesn't Work

Cosmic Ark = Annoying rainbow of colors line across screen during play

Pole Position = Scaling issues when turning

G.I. Joe = Paddle doesn't work and shaky screen

Superman = Shaky Screen

Tooth Protectors = Emulation issues on Title Screen

Ice Hockey = Emulation Issues, part of Player One's hockey stick is missing.

Defender II = Hills in background seem to be affected by a graphical glitch.

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Cosmic Ark


Not sure about this one as I haven't seen it mentioned but Pitfall II would be great if possible.


Adventures of Tron. Title screen is garbled up which is a shame as otherwise it plays ok.

Totally agree on Pitfall II - that would be awesome :)

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No, the high-definition Flashback 8 Gold uses a proprietary AtGames emulator (presumably an enhanced port of their old emulator that they've used since starting with the Flashback 3, which still powers the standard definition iterations of the Flashback 8 & 9 along with the handhelds).


The high-definition Flashback 9 is powered by an older build of the popular Stella emulator for the Atari 2600 and is completely different from what was in the Flashback 8 Gold.

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