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Printing using Altirra?


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Is this possible apart from output to the printer window?


Can I use a pc hooked up printer and if yes apart from enabling the P: device and the 850 how could I make something like Print shop work?


Its one hell of a long time ago since I had my Epson 80 with graftrax chips in....


I chose print shop as I presume it has printer drivers on it?


Any help appreciated...


Just tried from scratch and nothing happened hence the question...

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Epson MX-80 F/T with GrafTrax III and Orange Micro Grappler interface card and Practical Peripherals inline Microbuffer...




That was seemingly the ultimate setup for printing back in the day. And all of it cost half as much as the computer itself.


Regarding emulators and printing. This is a sore spot because no one thinks it important. Is it technically possible? Of course it is. High-time that emulators start moving up and supporting more than just games.

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I bow to your superior hardware Sir... :)


Even at staff discount I could barely afford the FX80 as I was still paying off the 800, 810 and 850....OWWWWWWW Maplin owned most of me :)


As for printing, I can understand the reticence but it would be nice to do the full retro thing BUT its not my time and effort at stake here so I bow (again) to Phaerons time and effort.

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The Atari800 emulator (on linux at least) lets you the capture output to P: handler. I have a virtual PDF printer installed, which captures the output to PDF. It works okay for straight text...it's a crap shoot for programs which use their own drivers and what not. Graphics is a no-go. I haven't played with it much, but it *might* be possible to cajole CUPS into doing to the right thing with graphics stuff.

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Altirra will print but the output is to the S: or the internal printer screen and like yours graphics area no go.


To be fair the likelihood of me using Print shop or the like all the time to print stuff is minimal but if it were to happen via emulation it adds to the all in one feel but I can't code out of a bag so its one of those things that happen if they happen and I'm happy with that :)


You PDF thing sounds interesting, the graphics side would be amazing if it was possible to add?


Good luck



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  • 4 months later...

Is this posible? Can I print from printshop to something that I could then print on a modern printer connected to my Windows computer?


It is somewhat possible: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254661-who-else-would-like-to-see-an-open-source-printer-emulator-for-the-atari/page-2?do=findComment&comment=3765504


Regarding the emulator:

* "Altirra" seems currently not to be able to handle binary data :(

* "Atari800" seems to be capable to redirect/fetch printing data but I had at least the problem to fetch parts of it as single job (concatenating doesn't work if you have to check your output for e.g. the "Print Shop" calibration, and Atari800 doesn't like if his file is accessed/cleared externally while running) :(

* "atari++" allows to close/access the job after an adjustable time and allowed me to get/clear the dump in an intuitive way :)

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Atari800MacX works perfectly. I printed a Print Shop job for a "retro" thing I was doing, and it created a PDF I was able to open in Preview and print.


I don't know if there's a Windows equivalent of that emulator.


As I stated a few days ago, there doesn't seem to be anything in Altirra to "capture" ESC/P output. If there was, I'd just tack my interpreter onto it.

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It shouldn't matter. I've converted C++ to Obj. C before. It's just classes and logic, it's not magic. I'd do it myself but I don't do Windows anymore.

I never said, it's impossible. I just stated, that it is not easy.

And that would just be the language conversion. There is also the environment conversion. Just because it's an object, it's not an drop in.

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I would like to see a No Translation (at all, RAW) datastream, and an exact 850 Emulation mode.

What would be the use of that? Is there any software, which doesn't account for an 850 for printing?

E.g. Print Shop just print 7 graphic lines, then advances the paper accordingly to circumvent the EOL conversion.

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