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ABBUC Software Competition 2017


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Hello Swami


You should have received an email from our president by now.


BTW did you use the translate option in the upper right hand corner of the ABBUC site? (Wolfgang told me, one can choose the English version of the site. For some odd reason I forgot that it's available on the ABBUC site)





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nice score, speaking of lines, if I understood you correctly the space between lines is too small...I've prepared a version in which the checkboard scheme of road changes less often, I will probably publish it some day soon
edit: New version of game will be surely released but not now, but probably at the end of year or in 2019

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Would it (code wise) become an entirely different game if it scrolls top right instead of top left? If that is less than rocket science, perhaps consider it for a remix version that every second level scrolls in respective direction. Think how Flip & Flop changed the perspective from Flip to Mitch on every second level.

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Thanks for your feedback, carlsson. I will consider that and probably apply to the game since many people suggested me it would be more natural, but changing the direction of the road on the fly could be a little problematic. It requires altering some serious chunk of code.

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